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Your ability to draw consumer interest, market to the point of first sale, and through repeat sales of your products and services, is vital to your success.  This takes more than slapping in a CRM software “solution”.  Or, hiring one more marketing or sales training guru. 

We build our software and workflow solutions on a clear understanding of your business, your workflow, and your sales and marketing process.  We deliver solutions based on flexibility, experience, and sound marketing principles. Our software solutions are based primarily on products of long-standing repute, GoldMine Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) and QuoteWerks sales quotation software.  Those solutions are implemented on a foundation of quality software training (including training on your best practices and processes), education, support, and installation services, customized to suit your needs.  We even provide web-based software training so you can reduce implementation expenses. 

We offer you the ability to differentiate your products and services; draw and collect your desired audience; track their interest and responses to your marketing; and then achieve constant contact throughout the sales cycle and for the lifetime of the customer.  

In short, we believe you need to find and stay in contact with the right prospects and customers and know what they want.  And when you can see through the eyes of your prospects and your customers then you can communicate effectively and frequently the ways in which you address their concerns and why they should choose you amidst all the available competitive choices. 


RSS Feed Available for MyGoldMine

June 18, 2005 SalesFAST has created a RSS Feed to keep you informed of news from FrontRange (GoldMine), Aspire (QuoteWerks) and others as well as our own classes from within GoldMine using MyGoldMine (More Information)

QuoteWerks Version 4 Build 10 Released

May 26, 2005 Aspire Technologies has released Build 10 of QuoteWerks 4. This revision contains 10 new features and 1 bug fix. Among the new features is the saving of any emailed quotes for later viewing. With this new build Aspire is keeping with their policy of frequent small revisions to continually keep their product improving. (Complete Release Notes)

GoldMine 6.70.50123 Released

March 11, 2005 FrontRange Release GoldMine 6.70.50123 for Corporate and Standard Editions: New release fixes bug causing truncation in numeric userdefinded files and new "bulk" processing of attached files greatly speeds 1st time synchronization (Complete Release Notes)

GoldMine Integration Services for MS Outlook

March 25, 2005 FrontRange Releases GISMO Build 106: Although GoldMine's Integrations Service for Microsoft Outlook (GISMO) has been around for over a year this latest build provides the tightest coupling between Outlook and GoldMine yet. All emails with addresses on file within GoldMine can automatically be link upon receiving or sending of email or attached on an as needed basis. GoldMine doesn't need to be running or nor does the Outlook user need to know the first thing about GoldMine to use this product. GISMO comes FREE with GoldMine Corporate Edition or it is available separately for GoldMine Standard. (GISMO Product Information)

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