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Adding the SalesFAST RSS Feed to MyGoldMine

MyGoldMine lets you customize GoldMine for your specific needs and  interest.  You can see snapshot views of pending activities, recent emails, or last synchronization times.

Using RSS feeds you have a quick and convenient way of checking the world of information for the things that concern you.  You can use any RSS feed available on the internet such as Reuters,  Wired, InfoWorld, the BBC and now SalesFAST.

We will use the SalesFAST RSS feed to inform you of patches as well as news that affects you from GoldMine, QuoteWerks and other key vendors. We will also keep you informed of upcoming web-based training classes that we offer.  We hope that you will find this resource useful.

The SalesFAST RSS Feed can be found at:

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Rebuilding Your GoldMine Database

Proper database maintenance is a part of GoldMine that is often overlooked. All GoldMine databases should be rebuilt at least once a month, this does not apply to GoldMine on SQL. If you are having problems with your computer locking up then you should rebuild weekly or possibly daily depending on how much trouble you are having. You should always insure you have a good backup of your goldmine system prior to preforming a maintenance.

(Watch a movie on Rebuilding GoldMine Movie (2:05 minutes))

Waiting For Permission To Log In

Waiting for permission to log in is set when someone begins doing a rebuild. The problem occurs when for some reason GoldMine crashes during that rebuild. In effect you will be stuck waiting for permission forever. Fortunately the fix is very simple, just rename the license.dbx file in your GoldMine folder to license.dbf. GoldMine will now allow you to login. WARNING: Make sure nobody is actually doing a rebuild before renaming the file.

(Watch a movie on renaming the file (1:25 minutes))

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