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Features & Benefits

Pulls contact information from popular contact management software:

QuoteWerks integrates seamlessly with leading contact management software such as ACT, GoldMine, KnowTia, Maximizer, Outlook, salesforce.com, SalesLogix, and TeleMagic. This integration allows you to instantly start quoting using your lead and customer information that is already in your existing contact management software.  You will never have to re-type your customer information, and no importing is required!  In addition to retrieving contact information from your contact manager, our innovative DataLink feature uses DDE to automatically pull almost any other information from your contact manager and place it into the quote.  Using the optional QuickBooks link module, you can also retrieve lead and customer information from QuickBooks.  If you do not use one of the above mentioned contact managers, you can use the built-in contact database that comes with QuoteWerks.

Quote Products and Services

QuoteWerks allows you to quote products and services.  You can enter information directly into the quote "on-the-fly", and you can setup a list of products and services that you commonly use in our product databases.  You can setup a separate product database for each vendor that you purchase from and organize the products and services within each database using multiple-level folders.  If you already have lists of products and services, you can import them into the QuoteWerks product databases using the QuoteWerks Product Import Wizard.

Use Products and Services stored in other programs

The Professional and Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks has the ability to link to a variety of external product data sources including any ODBC compliant data source (such as MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, etc.), Tech Data®, Ingram Micro®, QuickBooks®, and salesforce.com®.  This enables you to build quotes by selecting products or services from these databases in addition to the QuoteWerks product/service databases.

Computer Resellers can link to Distributor product databases

If you are a computer reseller, we have a special edition of QuoteWerks called the Professional Edition.  This Professional Edition links to the offline price guides of Ingram Micro and Tech Data.  Linking to their databases, gives you full access to each of their 30,000 products they carry.  When you select items from their product databases, all the important information such as vendor part number, manufacturer part #, cost, suggest retail, etc is copied into the quote.  You can even compare prices between the distributors with a single click!

Real-time web pricing and availability for Tech Data

Many companies in the PC Consulting and integration industry purchase products from PC industry distributors such as Tech Data.  It is very important to these companies to receive up to date pricing and availability information so that they have all the tools they need to deliver product to their customer as fast as possible.  Having access to real-time pricing gives the company the ability to deliver last minute price savings to their customer. Having access to real-time availability gives the company the ability to know if the product will ship today, or if it will be backordered.  Since a backordered product cannot be shipped to a customer, knowing that a product is backordered before placing an order will give you the tools you need to make a good purchasing decision. QuoteWerks offers a real-time web pricing and availability module.

Customize Quote Layouts

Use the QuoteWerks visual layout designer to format the layout of your quotes. All companies have different formats that they prefer to present the quote to their customer in.  The built-in QuoteWerks visual layout designer gives you complete flexibility in designing the look of your printed quote.   You can choose which information you would like to include in the quote, and which information you would like to not include in the quote.   You can insert company logos, pictures, lines, boxes. You can set background colors, font colors, fonts, alignment, pretty much anything!   If you prefer to include a picture of each line item in the quote, you can use the layout designer to control where the picture will be located, what size the picture will be, etc.   On top of all this functionality, the QuoteWerks print layout designer also supports the creation of custom formulas.  You can create formulas that calculate lease payments based on a number of months, and the total sale amount of the quote.  You can create formulas that print a special message like "You are a valued customer." if the sale amount is over $1000.  You can create formulas that calculate a 50% down payment amount to display on the quote.  You can create almost any solution using this formula functionality! The layout designer is very powerful, flexible and easy to use.

QuoteWerks comes with a default print layout for quotes, orders, invoices, sales orders, and purchase orders:

You can modify these existing print layouts, and/or create any print layout format you would like, such as a work orders, packing slips, etc.   There is no limit to the number of different print layouts you can create.   Again, you have full control over what the end result will look like!

Create and manage quote revisions

QuoteWerks supports "revisioning".  This feature enables you to open a saved quote, make changes, and then save it as the next revision.  QuoteWerks will then automatically save the quote with a new quote number that has either a numeric or an alpha suffix (like –01 or –A), and will update the contact management software links to refer to the most recent revision.  When converting quotes to orders, all revisions are now automatically flagged as superseded.   You can easily view the history of all revisions giving you a complete overview and control over all the revisions.

Define your Pricing Strategies

In all, QuoteWerks supports 9 different ways to price your products and services!

  1. Enter Price Manually - Use this when you have a fixed price for all customers
  2. Gross Margin - Use this when you calculate your customer price by applying a % gross margin to your cost.
  3. Markup from Cost - Use this when you calculate your customer price by adding a % of your cost to the cost of the product.
  4. Discount from List - Use this when you calculate your customer price by discounting from the list price.
  5. Same as List - Use this when in most cases you charge your customers the list price of a product (lucky you!).
  6. Volume Based - Use this when your customer gets a different price depending upon how many of the item they are purchasing.
  7. Customer Based Price Levels - Use this to have QuoteWerks automatically assign your customer a fixed price depending upon what type of customer this customer is.  So, if your customer is a RETAIL customer, they get price X, and if they are a WHOLESALE customer, they get price Y.
  8. Based on Customer/Product profile - Use this to have QuoteWerks automatically assign your customer a calculated price based on markup, margin, discount, or list depending upon the type of customer AND the type of product you are selling. So, one example is, if your customer is a RETAIL customer, they get a 10% discount, and if they are a WHOLESALE customer, they get a 30% discount. Another example is, if your customer is a RETAIL customer, they get a 40% marked up price, and if they are a WHOLESALE customer, they get a 10% marked up price.
  9. Formula Based - Use this to have QuoteWerks calculate the price of the product as a % of the price of another product.

Calculate your Costs

QuoteWerks supports 3 different ways to determine the cost of your products and services:

  1. Enter Cost Manually - Use this when you have a fixed cost.
  2. Discount from List - Use this when you calculate your cost as a discount from List price.
  3. Volume Based Costing - Use this when the cost of the item you are selling is different based on how many you are selling.

Bundle Your Products/Services

The powerful bundling feature adds groups of products to your quote with a single click.  If you quote groups of products/services often, the bundling features in QuoteWerks will save you a tremendous amount of time.  With bundles, you can specify which products/services are included in a bundle.  Then, you can add that bundle to the quote and all the items that are in the bundle are automatically added to the quote.   Using bundles also ensures that you will never forget to include an item in the quote.  QuoteWerks has two types of bundles: Simple Bundles, and Grouped Bundles.   With a Simple Bundle, the list of products/services that you specified in the bundle will simply be added to the quote when you select the bundle.  With a Grouped Bundle, the list of products/services specified in the bundle will be "rolled up" into a single grouped line item.  All the individual item prices will be hidden and automatically totaled and displayed in the single grouped line item.  The individual item descriptions can optionally be displayed or hidden.

Get the Best Prices

When you select the product that you want to add to the quote, you can right click to immediately see the cost of this product from each vendor that you have setup in QuoteWerks.  In a flash, you know which vendor has the lowest price, and you can choose to purchase that item from that vendor.

Refresh quote with latest or best prices

Often customers request a quote, and then for a variety of reasons, the project gets put on hold.  Then, one day the customer calls back and says they would like a new quote.  No problem for QuoteWerks.  Simply select all the line items on the quote, and choose the Refresh with Latest price feature.  Immediately, your quote has been updated.  In fact, if your cost has now lowered, QuoteWerks will ask you if you would like to keep the profit for yourself, or pass on the lower cost to your customer!

Vendor prices fluctuate often.  The QuoteWerks Refresh with Best price feature will automatically find the vendor with the lowest cost for each item on the quote, and update the quote with that information.

Flexible line item features

Many types of line items are supported in the quote.

  • You can have Subtotal line items which allow you to display grouped totals of key portions of your quote.
  • You can have Running Subtotal line items which allow you to display the total of all the items from the beginning of the quote to this line item.
  • You can have % charge line items which are calculated as a % of the amount of the line item above it.  The line item above it can be a regular product/service, or it can be a subtotal/running subtotal allowing you to calculate a % of a group of items.
  • You can have % discount line items which work in the same way as the % charge line items.
  • You can have comment line items which allow you to easily insert additional spacing in between line items in the quote, and can also be used to indicate different sections or groups within the quote like "Options", etc. 
  • You can also mark each line item individually to have certain attributes like hide price, don't print, optional item, taxable, and more.
  • When a line item has the "hide price" attribute, the individual price of the product is not printed. This is very useful in preventing your customer from seeing the price for each line item on the quote, and then haggling with you about each line item.
  • When a line item has the "don't print" attribute, the line item will not be printed with the quote, but it will be included in the totals of the quote. This is very useful for including misc. items required in the quote that you do not want to clutter the quote with.
  • When a line item has the "optional item" attribute, the line item will be displayed in the quote as an option that the customer can buy, and the price of the item will be displayed, but the price of the item will not be included in the quote totals since it is only an that we are presenting to the customer.
  • When a line item has the "taxable" attribute, the tax rate will be applied to this line item to calculate sales tax due on this item.
  • When a line item has the "print picture" attribute, a picture of the product will be printed with the line item (assuming that you have specified a picture for the product).

Link to Accounting Software

Links to QuickBooks and Peachtree accounting software.  The QuickBooks link uses the newest QuickBooks API which means that you no longer have to import and export QuickBooks iif files.  We also have an Open Export Module that can be used to export QuoteWerks orders to other accounting software.

E-Mail Your Quotes

QuoteWerks enables you to e-mail quotes directly from within QuoteWerks using the built-in SMTP e-mail or Microsoft Outlook. Your quotes are e-mailed as an attached .RTF file (Word Processor compatible like Microsoft Word) or .PDF file (Adobe Acrobat compatible).   The e-mail setup options let you choose which format you want to your quotes to be emailed in.  RTF files can be opened, and printed by all word processing applications. Your customer will receive the quote formatted exactly in the format that you sent it in, and your customer can simply double-click on the attached quote, and it will be opened by their word processor (RTF files) or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software (PDF files).

Use WinFax® to fax your quotes

QuoteWerks integrates with WinFax making it easy to fax quotes from QuoteWerks by passing the customer's fax number automatically to WinFax so that you do not have to manually enter it.

Configure Your Products

QuoteWerks has a built-in configurator (most configurators cost thousands of dollars!) that will present you with a list of products to choose from in a step by step format. The list products displayed for you to select at each step is based on your previous selection.  The configurator can maximize your sales forces productivity, efficiency, and accuracy by walking them through the process of building a quote, ensuring that the sales rep remembers to include all the items they need to in the quote.

Paste Special Feature

Our Paste Special feature allows you to paste part number information created using other price list programs such as Hewlett Packard's configuration software.   Another application for this feature is for PDAs.  You could create a list of part numbers and quantities of products/services on your PDA, and then copy that information into the Windows clipboard, and then use the Paste Special feature to have QuoteWerks retrieve the part numbers, complete with description, and pricing into your QuoteWerks quote!

Import/Export XML formatted data

XML is quickly becoming the new standard for data transfer and exchange.   QuoteWerks can import quotes/orders/invoices that are formatted in XML (following our XML document specifications).  This functionality is very useful for exporting data from web applications to an XML format that can then easily be imported into QuoteWerks.  Our Open Export Module has an option that enables you to export quotes/orders/invoices from QuoteWerks to an XML file.

Share/Synchronize Quotes Between Offices

Do you have sales people on the road, or do you work from home at times? QuoteWerks can synchronize quotes between different locations.  QuoteWerks can be installed at the main office and then also installed on laptops and other office locations.  Then while salesreps are out on the road creating quotes on their laptop with QuoteWerks, they can export their quote and use the built-in e-mail feature to e-mail the quote back to their main office where it can be imported!  QuoteWerks manages the unique quote numbers across all the installations of QuoteWerks, so you do not have to worry about conflicting quote numbers! If you use GoldMine contact management software, and GoldMine's synchronization features, quotes can be automatically synchronized!

Know Your Profit Margin

With QuoteWerks' extensive pricing features, you will know your profit margin on everything you sell.  Each line item in the quote can have a different profit margin and pricing method, so you can mix and match your product pricing with discounts, markups, etc.  You can select an individual line item, or a group of line items to see the profit amount and profit margin for the selected items!

See Product Price History

With a single-click, see what products you have sold to your customers in the past, and what price you charged your customer the last time you sold the product to them.

Create Quotes, Invoices, and Purchase Orders

Start to finish QuoteWerks handles it all.  Once you receive an order, the purchase order feature has option to print a separate purchase order for each vendor on the quote!

Required Items Support

Many times you need to include certain products/services whenever you quote a particular product/service.  This feature allows you to assign required items to items in QuoteWerks, and when you add that item to the quote, QuoteWerks will automatically include the required items. You will never forget to include an item in a  quote again!

Track Custom Information

QuoteWerks has customizable fields and columns accommodate your companies' unique product and quoting needs.  If you need to track the color or other quality of a product, you can customize one of the QuoteWerks custom fields to "Color", and then enter the color of the product into that field.  It is that simple to customize QuoteWerks to fit you needs.

Create Sales Reports and Product Catalogs

In addition to the standard reports that come with QuoteWerks, the built-in visual reporting tool allows you to easily modify and even create new reports to report on just about any data you would want.  You can create outstanding quotes reports, forecasted sales reports, commission reports, sales closure reports and more.  You can find out who your most productive sales person is, what your most profitable product is, which is your highest selling product/service, etc.  Create reports based on regions or territories, etc.  The flexibility of our report designer allows you to create just about any report you can imagine. You can also create product/price catalogs for your customers (which can include customer specific pricing), and detail reports on your product lines, inventory, etc.  Reports and documents can even be copied and then pasted into Microsoft Word.

Security Features

The QuoteWerks Administrator can set the security settings for each user.   You can specify which menu options each user has access to.  You can specify which users can view/modify/delete each user's quotes.  You can specify individual access rights for each user to limit their ability to perform tasks like deleting products from the product database, modifying print layouts, and many more.  These security rights are centrally maintained, and can also be enforced on laptop installations of QuoteWerks.

Document Automation

QuoteWerks automates the entire process of quote/order generation starting with the initial building of the quote on to the presentation format of the quote, and finally ending with the delivery of the quote to your customer. 

To facilitate this process, QuoteWerks has integrated cover page and literature support.   You can create a list of customized cover pages (using a word processor to create them and save them in RTF format) and then easily select from your list of cover pages when printing/emailing the quote. So QuoteWerks will do everything you need in order to get the quote to the customer.

QuoteWerks also has integrated literature support. This feature allows you to build a list of literature such as warranty information, support information, directions to your company, specials of the month, letters of acceptance, or essentially any additional information that you would like to include with the quote.  Once you have your list of literature put together, you can easily select the literature pages that you would like send along with the quote.  Literature pages can be in RTF format or PDF format (PDF formatted can only be sent via email feature).

QuoteWerks also supports product/service spec sheets. You can setup product/service spec sheets for all or some of the products in your product database.   While the QuoteWerks product/service description can be up to 32,000 characters long, the spec sheet allows you to create a separate page of information and can also include a picture of the product.  Then, when you print your quote, QuoteWerks will automatically include (at the end of the quote) the product/service spec sheets for each of the products that you have quoted.  You do not need to create a spec sheet for the product in order to print a picture for the line item, however, the spec sheet feature gives you an additional flexibility over how and where you would like to display details about the items on the quote.  Spec sheets can be in RTF format or PDF format (PDF formatted can only be sent via email feature).

QuoteWerks also has integrated spell checking, and can export information to Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word.

International Features

QuoteWerks enables you to display quote pricing in both your local currency AND another alternate currency.  So, if you are in the United States and create quotes for some customers in Canada, by default QuoteWerks, can automatically generate the quote in United Status dollars, and in Canadian dollars.  If you then want to present that same quote in British pounds (GBP), all you have to do is click on GBP, and your alternate pricing is instantly recalculated to British pounds!

Canadian GST/PST taxes supported (including compounded taxes).

QuoteWerks supports the Australian GST tax scheme.

Foreign date and currency formats also supported.

If you purchase some or all of your products in a foreign currency, you can enter that foreign price for the product in the product definition, and then QuoteWerks will automatically calculate the price of the product in your local currency!

Find Products Quickly

QuoteWerks displays all your products and services in the familiar Windows explorer format.  You can organize your products and services in different product databases, and in different folders making it really easy to visually organize and find your products when quoting them.  Our powerful search features also make it a breeze to do searches using partial descriptions, part numbers, etc.

Cross Industry Support

QuoteWerks is designed to meet the needs of companies in most industries.   We have many flexible features such as Unit of Pricing functionality (This lets you quote a "box of 10" at the per unit price as an example), and quantity multiplier columns (This lets you quote 5 feet wide X 4 feet deep X unit price = extended price)

QuoteWerks API enables developers to write applications that integrate with QuoteWerks

QuoteWerks has an API (Application Programming Interface) that enables software developers to write custom software applications that interact with QuoteWerks. The API exposes events like BeforeSaveDocument, AfterSaveDocument, BeforePrintDocument, BeforeContactSelection, AfterContactSelection, etc.  This enables the application to verify and/or change data, or even cancel the event.  There are many different types of custom applications that can be written to integrate with QuoteWerks.  Developers can even write applications that seamlessly integrate other CRM or SAP packages with QuoteWerks.

Industry Standard Database

QuoteWerks data is stored in Microsoft Access 2002/2003 databases in the Standard and Professional Editions and Microsoft SQL 7.0 or 2000 in the Corporate Edition.  It is important to mention that you do not need to have Microsoft Access installed on your computers to use QuoteWerks.  Because QuoteWerks data is stored in this industry standard format, other applications can read and write data to our databases making QuoteWerks part of your entire solution.

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