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SalesFAST can help you define and implement a system that reflects your specific business requirements.

  • Experience: SalesFAST has worked with GoldMine, the premier mid-market Customer Relationship Management System, since its introduction in the early 1990s. We have used, sold and supported, QuoteWerks from Aspire, since 2001.
  • Customization & Integration: Randy Miller, SalesFAST co-founder, spent eleven years as an IT Manager for a successful California manufacturer. There he managed networks, communications, and distributed CRM systems. He also developed mission critical applications. Randy has extensive programming skills with a deep understanding of the value and “mechanics” of data. He has developed add-on products for GoldMine and QuoteWerks from data links to data conversion utilities.
  • Process & Workflow: Randy Miller is a certified APICS (American Product Inventory Control Society) instructor. APICS is the global leader and premier provider of information and services in production and inventory management to add value to business performance. With this background, Mr. Miller has an excellent understanding of the impact of workflow, data, and process as relates to CRM and quotation systems.
  • Strategic Solutions: Our co-founders are licensed agents for Y2Marketing and My Agency of Record. This, added to a firm grasp of sales, marketing and quotation systems, lets us build solutions that directly address the credibility of your business, as well as the need to provide decision-facilitating information to your prospects and your customers.

At SalesFAST we build our solutions on a foundation of experience and sound marketing principles. Our client list includes large and small companies. A division of the world’s largest shipping company utilizes our services as does a single-license GoldMine user. SalesFAST customers include manufacturers, service companies, hardware and software technology firms, sales and distribution organizations, and non-profit groups.

We offer a range of solutions and consulting where a clear, differentiating marketing strategy is required; and where continuous touch with prospects and customers is essential. SalesFAST defines and implements sales, marketing, and quotation systems that differentiate your business based on its strengths and most importantly, based on the real and perceived needs of your prospect. Our objective is to help you see through the eyes of “John Smith” and to communicate effectively and frequently to those prospects and customers, how you address their concerns and why they should choose you amidst all the competitive choices.

Free Sales & Marketing Workflow Analysis

If you are struggling with inefficient sales, marketing, or quotation systems, contact us for your Free Sales & Marketing Workflow Analysis. This session is conducted by phone interviews and/or web session. We will provide you with a 15-point checklist describing your data strength and vulnerability points, and tell you how and where to improve your workflow, efficiency and level of customer communications. Call (800) 556-1045 for your Free Sales & Marketing Workflow Analysis.

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