Get The Most Out Of Web Based Training

Block off the Time

You will gain the greatest benefit from web based training if you do everything possible to focus on the class. Close the door, unplug the phone, have people treat you like you are not in the office. Web classes are typically short one or two hour sessions.  Avoid the normal office distractions for the duration of the training session and make the commitment to devote that abbreviated time wholly to your learning.

Put a Headset on Your Phone

A headset with a mute button is the perfect world.  This gives you the comfort needed to sit on the phone while you work on your computer and take notes at the same time. The next best thing is to use a speaker phone.  If you do, be sure to use the mute button on the phone or the conference bridge.  Our conference bridge uses "6" on your phone keypad to mute and un-mute the line.  Without muting, your phone picks up typing or other ambient noise.

Work with Two Monitors if Possible

Interactive training is always better than display based training. If you can, arrange to work in a place with either two computers or one computer with two monitors. This will allow you to view the instructors screen on one and work with your own system on the other.

Have any Materials or Books at Hand

Some people are excellent note takers, all they need is a yellow pad and they are fine. Many of us do far better using a pencil, highlighter, or post-it notes on the book. It might be easier to put a star next to a good idea in the manual and dog-ear the page than it would be to write a comprehensive note you may not be able to decipher later.

Most of our course materials are provided in PDF form. You can print them from your own system or have a local office store do it for you.   The cost to print our own 250-page manual, double-sided, 3-hole punched, and have it bound, ran about $30. While most of our classes use the manuals as a reference rather than a strict outline, it is still more productive to have the material printed out so you can circle or highlight areas of particular interest.

Get Connected Early

Make your connection to the web conference 10-15 minutes before the conference start time.  Call into the phone bridge and then enjoy a cup of coffee. Usually it will only take a few minutes to get connected.  Problems arise when you are in a hurry to connect in at the last minute and have any difficulties doing so. You save yourself and your classmates a lot of frustration if you are able to connect in with enough time to call support if needed.

We use WebConference.Com for our meetings.  Please click here to get your system installed and run the test at least a day before the first class. If your test is not successful contact WebConference.Com support at (818)230-1060.  We have found their staff very helpful and knowledgeable in getting our students up and running quickly.

Have a productive training experience!  Please feel free to call our office at any time for further information at (800) 556-1045.

-- The SalesFAST Training Team

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