GoldMine Training - Intermediate

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Web Based GoldMine Training - Intermediate

Tired of Using GoldMine as an Expensive Rolodex?

Expert Training, Tips & Tricks will Help You Get the Most Value from GoldMine

This GoldMine course covers:

  • Basic and Advanced GoldMine Calendaring GoldMine lets you expertly manage your time and daily activities - you can track everything by client records, by single- or multi-user calendars, or by activity lists.  Schedule items for multiple contacts in GoldMine, on a recurring basis, or by a filtered group of records.  With GoldMine calendar management, you won't lose track of important appointments, follow-up activities and commitments.
  • Managing Sales & Calendar Activities - Getting your activities onto your calendar is the first step.  Now monitoring your schedule on an ongoing basis will give you complete control.  Incorporate sales call planning, follow-up or tickler systems.  Stay on top of customer relations to develop prospects into customers, and to get repeat business from those that already buy from you!  GoldMine even allows you to record forecasted sales, incoming calls, or drop by visits.
  • GoldMine Email Center - for daily contacts and marketing.  Learn how to store all your e-mail communications, ingoing and outgoing, in one central location, to one or more outside contacts, or to a fellow GoldMine user.  Use GoldMine Marketing Templates to stay in constant contact with prospects and customers.  And use GoldMine rules for auto-response and to improve the organization of your messages. 
  •  Print Reports - GoldMine includes some useful reports.  Tips & Tricks for printing and minor modifications allow you to get the information you need, when you need it.

SalesFAST Web-Based Training Saves You Time, Frustration, and Money

You probably have checked out a variety of GoldMine training alternatives:  "Idiot" or "Dummy" books, classroom training, User Group Meetings.  All of these have value when provided by qualified instructors and experienced authors.  But sometimes travel and the hassle of classroom equipment is more pain than it's worth.

Experienced Instructor & Product User

Randy Miller, Owner of SalesFAST is an experienced GoldMine Trainer.  Randy has over 10 years product experience and will personally teach this web-based course.   With over 10 years of experience with Sales using GoldMine as his own customer database, Randy has walked in your shoes!  He has literally spent thousands of hours, using GoldMine in the same way you want to.

Learn From the Convenience of Your Own Office

No travel, no uncomfortable classrooms.  You'll be given a login and password to an Internet meeting, and a telephone conference bridge (toll-based).  Through the session you will observe Randy working in a live GoldMine environment.  If you wish to have GoldMine running at the same time you can do so.  Randy will be able to observe you and your system if needed. 

Don't Suffer From Brain Overload!

Many organizations provide half-day or full-day GoldMine training sessions.  The thought just makes our brains fry!  Our 2, 2-hour sessions will get you enough data to be productive in the topics addressed.  No more brain fry!

Become Familiar with GoldMine

These are the topics that will be covered:

  • Calendaring Review
  • Advanced Calendaring - Group Scheduling, Recurring Activities, Scheduling Resources
  • Literature Request Center
  • Viewing & Managing Calendared & Completed Activities, including Appointments, Calls, Tasks, Forecasted Sales
  • Email Center
  • Email Templates and Email Rules
  • GoldMine Reports

Modest Training Fees

Perhaps we're not charging enough.  When we tell our customers about this new training offer, we all too often hear "Is that all??"  For right now, the cost of these information-packed sessions is only $245 per person for both sessions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to make sure you are entirely happy.  If after Session One, you determine this class isn't right for you, we'll give you a full refund on the training fee you've already paid.  No questions asked.  (Not entirely true, we'd want to know how we could do better next time!)

But Wait...There's More!

Send an administrator to our GoldMine Administrator's Web-Based course and you can take advantage of these cost-saving offers:

  • Second student from your organization at 50% of the singe-student rate
  • Discounted access to our video training library - modules for both End-User Basics and Advanced, and Administrators
  • 10% discount for any student from your company for future training

Easy Enrollment

Email us at with your registration information: Company, student name/title, email, and phone.  We will provide you with a prompt invoice for payment.  As soon as that's in order we'll provide you with your login information and your class documents.

GoldMine Intermediate

Class Dates / Times

Classes are held in two, 2-hour sessions, held one week apart.

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