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Web Based GoldMine Administrator Training

Frustrated with What You Don't Know about GoldMine Administration?

Learn How to Manage GoldMine from the Convenience of Your Own Office

Why You Should Learn to be a GoldMine Administrator:

  • Save money on support services - add GoldMine users and group, manage licensing, customize GoldMine records so your database stores the information that YOU need
  • Increase system uptime and improve system troubleshooting - proper database maintenance and utilization of logs help you maintain a healthy system and better diagnose problems when they do come up
  • GoldMine reports how you want them and when you want them - learn how to get to the data you need and how to  modify report layouts
  • Improve marketing results for your business - by defining and automating your marketing processes you can help prevent the "drop through the cracks" syndrome that all-too-often happens with prospects and customers.  Stay in constant contact with your audience to help prospects turn into customers, and to encourage existing customers to buy more of your products and services.
  • Ensure consistent data throughout your organization - GoldSync allows records to synchronize between locations, and from laptops to network.  Keep data current and make sure everyone is looking at the same records and documents
  • Capitalize on Microsoft Office - GoldMine works brilliantly with Word, Excel, and Outlook.  Reduce errors, increase efficiency.  You'll learn how to install, use, and troubleshoot links to these applications.

SalesFAST Web-Based Training Saves You Time, Frustration, and Money

You probably have checked out a variety of GoldMine training alternatives:  "Idiot" or "Dummy" books, classroom training, User Group Meetings.  All of these have value when provided by qualified instructors and experienced authors.  But sometimes travel and the hassle of classroom equipment is more pain than it's worth.

Experienced Instructor

Randy Allen Miller, Owner/Partner of SalesFAST, and an experienced GoldMine administrator, consultant, and custom developer with over 15 years will personally teach this web-based Course.   As an IT Manager for a manufacturing company for over 10 years, Randy managed and customized a distributed GoldMine environment - he's walked in your shoes!  Randy has literally spent thousands of hours, working with hundreds of users, to help them manage, install, and troubleshoot their GoldMine Systems.  You'll be learning from a well-respected and top GoldMine expert.

Learn From the Convenience of Your Own Office

No travel, no uncomfortable classrooms.  You'll be given a login and password to an Internet meeting, and a telephone conference bridge (toll-based).  Through the session you will observe Randy working in a live GoldMine environment.  If you wish to have GoldMine running at the same time you can do so.  Randy will be able to observe you and your system if needed. 

Don't Suffer From Brain Overload!

Many organizations provide half-day or full-day GoldMine training sessions.  The thought just makes our brains fry!  Our two-hour sessions will be conducted every Thursday for four successive weeks.  You'll get enough data to be productive in the topics addressed, and you'll have time to practice your new skills in between sessions.  No more brain fry!

Become a GoldMine Expert

These are the topics that will be covered:

  • Installation
  • Setting up User Groups, Users, Resources
  • Customizing Contact Records
  • Modifying & Creating Reports
  • Telemarketing Tools
  • Automated Processes
  • Server Agents
  • GoldMine Databases
  • Maintaining GoldMine
  • GoldSync
  • Link Integration to Word, Outlook, Excel
  • Troubleshooting

Modest Training Fees

Perhaps we're not charging enough.  When we tell our customers about this new training offer, we all too often hear "Is that all??"  For right now, the cost of these information-packed sessions is only $495 per person for all four weeks.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to make sure you are entirely happy.  If after Session One, you determine this class isn't right for you, we'll give you a full refund on the training fee you've already paid.  No questions asked.  (Not entirely true, we'd want to know how we could do better next time!)

But Wait...There's More!

Send an administrator to our GoldMine Administrator's Web-Based course and you can take advantage of these cost-saving offers:

  • Second student from your organization for the same class for $250
  • Discounted access to our video training library - modules for both End-User Basics and Advanced, and Administrators
  • 10% discount for any student from your company for End-User Basics or Advanced training modules (starting end of June)

Easy Enrollment

Reply to this email with your registration information: Company, student name/title, email, and phone.  We will provide you with a prompt invoice for payment.  As soon as that's in order we'll provide you with your login information.

Class Dates / Times

Classes are held in four, 2 1/2-hour sessions held one week apart.

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Documents Used in the class:

GoldMine 6.0 Administration Guide

GoldMine 6.5 What's New

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