GoldMine Training Classes

Web Based GoldMine Training - Basics

This training session on the basics of GoldMine is comprised of  2, 90-minute sessions.  Students learn the foundational skills of GoldMine record creation, navigation, and scheduling. Speed shortcuts and best practices are also taught. (Course Outline, Pricing and Dates)

Web Based GoldMine Training - Intermediate

This GoldMine training session is covered in 2, 2-hour sessions.  It covers calendar management and advance scheduling topics, reports, and GoldMine e-mail. (Course Outline, Pricing and Dates)

Web Based GoldMine Training - Advanced

Topics covered in this GoldMine training session of 2, 2 1/2-hour sessions cover: tracking contact interests; utilizing filters and queries for target marketing; the creation of merge letter and email templates; GoldMine's organization tree; and creating a centralized document repository . (Course Outline, Pricing and Dates)

Web Based GoldMine Training  - Sales & Marketing Management

In these 2, 2-hour training sessions you learn now to use GoldMine to track leads and lead activities for yourself and your sales team; how to manage multi-faceted sales opportunities and projects; and the use of quote assignment and tracking tools. (Course Outline, Pricing and Dates)

Web Based GoldMine Training - Administration

These 4, 2-hour training sessions take you through complete GoldMine installation and customization including troubleshooting, maintenance, synchronization, and importing and exporting. (Course Outline, Pricing and Dates)

Web Based GoldMine Training - One-on-One Coaching

This is GoldMine training completely tailored to your requirements.  Web-based training focused on the issues that concern you.  After we take the time to understand what you wish to achieve with GoldMine, we deliver training specific to the areas you need to get to your goals. (Course Outline, Pricing and Dates)

Web Based GoldMine Training - Pricing & Discount Schedule

GoldMine Class # Sessions Session Length Cost
Basics 2 1 1/2 hours $185
Intermediate 2 2 hours $245
Advanced 2  2 1/2 hours $310
Sales/Mktng Mgmt 2 2 hours $245
Administration 5 2 hours $495

Discount policy - Second student from same company, for any class, 50% of full price.  10% for classes after first class,

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